1.1   The name of the organization will be DARTS NOVA SCOTIA

2      ADDRESS

2.1   The address of the organization will be that of the Secretary



      The objectives of Darts Nova Scotia will be:


3.1 To provide all members with opportunities to participate in competitive                       activities within the sport of darts.


3.2 To promote and encourage participation in the sport of darts, for both                         youth and adult, in all areas throughout Nova Scotia.


3.3 To raise funds to meet the financial requirements of Darts Nova Scotia and                   distribute said funds in an appropriate manner.


3.4 To maintain affiliation and adhere to the rules and procedures of the                             National Darts Federation of Canada.


3.5 To institute, maintain, promote and regulate annual Provincial                   

      Championships thus determining provincial designated teams as the                             Representatives at National Championships.


3.6 To institute, maintain, promote and regulate provincial tournament       



3.7 To encourage and promote memberships and participation in Regional,                         Provincial, National and International competition.


3.8  To remain a non-profit Organization.




4.1  Membership fees shall be determined by the Darts Nova Scotia Executive and             shall be paid annually for or by each member.


4.2   Any person residing in the Province of Nova Scotia may become a member of             the Society upon remittance of application and payment of the membership fees.

4.3    All members shall comply with the rules and regulations of Darts Nova Scotia.


4.4    Darts Nova Scotia may suspend or terminate the membership of an individual             or deem an individual ineligible for membership upon being satisfied that such           individual has been guilty of conduct prejudicial to the character and interests              of the Organization or the sport of Darts. 




5.1   The Executive Committee of Darts Nova Scotia shall be comprised of:



        (b)Vice President



        (e)Membership Director

        (f)Provincial Director

        (g)Youth Director


5.2   The Executive shall have full control and management of the affairs of Darts                 Nova Scotia.


6.1    All elected Executive Members shall hold office for a term of one (1) year.


6.2    The Election of Officers shall be conducted during the Annual General Meeting           at the Provincial Play-downs and elected Executive Members shall take office               effective October 1st.


6.3    Any member in good standing and over the age of nineteen (19) years shall be           eligible to hold a position on the Executive Committee.


6.4    One person may hold the Offices of the Secretary and the Treasurer.


6.5    The Executive Committee shall have the right to remove an individual from                 Office, by majority vote of the Executive Committee for non-performance of               duties.


6.6    An Executive Member shall vacate office if:


         (a) The individual resigns from Office by sending a written resignation to the                  President or Secretary of Darts Nova Scotia, or

         (b) The individual is removed from Office in accordance with Article 6.5, or

         (c) The individual is subject to suspension, in accordance with Article 4.4, or

         (d) The individual ceases to be a member in good standing.


6.7    The person removed from office shall be advised of same by registered mail.               Within 30 days of the receipt of the registered mail, that person has the right             to appeal.  Such appeals shall be in writing and submitted by registered mail to           the Secretary.  In the event that the person to be notified is the Secretary, the             President shall issue this notification.  The Executive Committee shall vote upon           any appeal.


6.8    A refusal to sign for registered mail will be regarded as served and will nullify             the thirty (30) day appeal procedures.


6.9    In the event of a mid-term vacancy, the Executive Committee shall have the                 power to fill such vacancy, until that position can be filled by election at the                 next Annual General Meeting.

7       FINANCES


7.1    The Executive Committee shall disburse the funds of the Organization only in                the pursuance of the Objectives herein described.


7.2     Two authorized signatories shall be designated for all accounts of Darts Nova              Scotia.  The authorized signature shall be the President and the Treasurer.


7.3     Both signatures shall be required for all transactions of all accounts of the                    Organization.


7.4     No Executive Member may commit the Organization in any way to anything                without prior majority approval of the Executive Committee or membership.


7.5     The fiscal year of Darts Nova Scotia shall be from October 1st to September                30th.


7.6     A complete and proper statement of the standing of the books shall be made              available at the General Meeting at Provincials and a copy shall be mailed to                every member of Darts Nova Scotia in August or September.


7.7     Members may request in writing the opportunity to inspect any books or                    records of the Organization.  Documents will not be mailed or otherwise                      shipped and inspection must be arranged at a place convenient to both the                Officer and Member.


7.8     Unless authorized at any meeting and after notice for same shall have been                  given, no officer or member of the Organization shall receive any                                  remuneration for his/her services.


7.9     Expenses incurred by any duly appointed Executive Committee shall be paid                by the Society if the Executive Committee gives prior authorization.  All                      expenses shall be supported by receipt and shall not exceed the designated                amount.




8.1     The Organization may make, repeal, and amend annual fees, as it may from                  time to time consider necessary.  The making, revising and amending of any                fee shall be effected at an Executive Committee meeting.




9.1     The President shall preside over the Executive Committee and Annual General            Meetings


9.2     The Organization shall hold an Annual General Meeting at the Provincial Play-              Downs, for members and invited guests.


9.3     Special Resolutions for amendments to the Constitution can be brought to the            floor at the Annual General Meeting.


9.4     Any member in good standing under the age of nineteen (19) may vote on                  issues only to the Youth Program.




10.1   The Province of Nova Scotia shall be divided into the following four (4) zones:

          (a)Zone 1  -  Central

          (b)Zone 2  -  Cape Breton

          (c)Zone 3  -  Fundy

          (d)Zone 4  -  Valley


10.2   Although a member may compete in only one zone in any given competitive                season, the residence of a member shall not dictate the zone in which he may              compete.


11      POLICIES


11.1   The Organization may make, repeal, and amend Policies as it may from time to            time consider necessary.


11.2    The making, revising, and amending of Policies shall be effected by the                       Executive Committee.


11.3    Policies shall not form part of the Constitution and shall not amend the                         Constitution in any way.




12.1    All competitions directly under the supervision of the Organization, unless                   otherwise stated, shall be played in accordance with the NDFC Rules of Play.


12.2    The Organization may make, repeal, and amend Formats of Play as it may                   from time to time consider necessary.  The making, revising, and amending of             any Formats of Play shall be effected at an Executive meeting.




13.1    Interpretations, procedures and responsibilities contained herein shall be the               sole decision of the Organization.




14.1    The articles in the Constitution may be rescinded, altered, or added to by                   “Special Resolution” at an Annual General Meeting, provided due notice has                been served.


14.2     Any amendments to the Constitution shall only be affected at an Annual                      General Meeting.

14.3      A Special Resolution for amendments to the Constitution shall require a                       majority vote by eligible voting members in attendance at the Annual                           General Meeting.